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                                  Single seated trike AmiGoby ORANGE SKY
        Grigorijus Orlovas founder of ORANGE SKY in 1992. At first as aero modeling club (MINI AVIA). In 1996 first engines for paragliders were brought to Lithuania and then the idea of independent flight was finally reached. Few years later new ideas how to improve engines and propellers were born. So we started making new generation plastic and carbon propellers for powered paragliders. During new discoveries idea of making an engine with wheels suitable for paraglider (TRIKE) came to mind for our engineers. In 2001 first single seated trike was made and in 2003 it was first shown in World Microlight Championship in United Kingdom it took 14th place then. During few years double seated trike was born and in 2005’s World Microlight Championship in France it won 4th place and single seated trike 9th place. After few changes and tests 3rd place in team in 2008 European Championship in Poland was reached in double-seated trike class (Pilot Grigorijus Orlovas, Co-pilot Julius Gelšvartas).
        Flying Para-trike is much more fun than simple paramotor, forget the clumsy running before take-off, even in totally calm weather conditions it is no problem for excellent start with paratrike. The same engines are used for trikes as for paramotors but the trike is balanced for excellent flying position when you are sitting in comfortable seat, not a soft usual paramotor harness. In cases when you are forced to land in down-wind direction there are no problem because you have wheels, which assist you for smooth landing, and with paramotors in same case you would probably have had a crash landing. And especially for those who like to fly tandem trike is a new discovery, much more safer and easier flying than ever before.
        ORANGE SKY team won most Lithuanian powered paragliding championships and has the experience to compete in world arena for top positions. We have made many country flights which are also very interesting, earth looks much more beautiful from the sky and we are happy sharing our experience with our friends. Paraglider with engine is wonderful because there is no end of flying season. In Lithuania during wintertime temperature sometimes reaches –30 Celsius but up to –10 Celsius it makes no difficulties to fly.    
        Our team has a goal and need to seek for the best, so for 2009 we have a brand new design single seated trike, which will be first shown in BigBoysToys exhibition in Abu Dhabi. Not only design was changed, it is lighter, easy assembled, bigger diameter of propellers gives more thrust and 12 liter fuel tank gives you at least 3 hours of flight time, simmonini MINI 2+ engine is used as standard package.

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