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• Founded in 1992 as aero modeling club
• Started flying with paraglider in 1994
• Powered flight came in 1996
• Few paramotor updates by ORANGE SKY mechanics were made in 1999
• First ORANE SKY single seated trike was made 2001, from then we make single and double seated trikes for paragliders
• Our team won most national championships and participated in World Microligt Championship in 2003 and 2005 and European Championship in 2008
There are 5 main possibilities how ORANGE SKY can be a partner to your company:

We can fly with your flags up to (2x5 meters)
We can make a paraglider with your advertisement for e.g. (logo) on the bottom layer of the canopy and fly with it (area up to 25 square meters)
We can organize synchronized flights with 2-3 pilots above the chosen area
We can film or take pictures from above, the most amazing moments of your fest or  exhibition could be captured
We can drop leaflets, candies or other things from the sky. This feature can be used in surprise or advertising purposes
ORANGE SKY is very flexible team, which does its best to turn your ideas into reality

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