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     ORANGE SKY has two main criteria in creations and idea realization – Safety and Quality. All test are made with aviation accuracy and only best quality products are offered that would last for long and if maintained as required would bring many beautiful moments of Real flight.
Single seated trike “AmiGo
Why trike?
     No running
     No carrying the Paramotor
     Easier light or no wind launch
     Safer downwind landings
     Easier & SAFER for tandem
Engine – Simonini Mini 2 Plus;
Power – 28 hp;
Propeller - ORANGE SKY 111/115/125 CARBON;
Empty weight – 45 kg;
Fuel tank – 12 l;
Fuel consumption – 3,5~4,0 l/h;
Recommended canopy – 21/25 square meters;
AmiGo” is a good looking, small, single seated trike for paraglider, it is easily assembled in 15 minutes and can fit in a small wan. Flying ORANGE SKY trike "AmiGo"is the safest and the easiest way to fly solo with paraglider.

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